Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Don't stop believin'

"...hold on to the fee-ee-ee-lin'...."

C'mon, I know you're singing it in your head!

I'm a bit overwhelmed right now, with the job hunt, worrying about finishing school, organizing my living space, defending the planet from bloodthirsty robots, etc.

I didn't go to the social security office yesterday, the irony being that I woke up before 6 am, and so had "plenty" of time to get ready and leave. Instead, I got busy doing some writing-related things, and then went to another seminar at Texas Workforce. I ended the day at my writers' workshop, where I was lucky to learn more of how I'm doing it wrong. The Social Security Administration would have to exist without my presence another day. No sweat, I'll go tomorrow....

Today, which was tomorrow, but which is now today, I had a job interview, and I planned to go to the Social Security office directly afterward. I carried everything with me I needed for, literally, the rest of the day, including my music folder and CD for the evening A Cappella rehearsal.

Wait, that makes too much sense. I NEVER have everything with me I need! Maybe today's just a great day! :)

Hmmm... okay, where's the address for the job interview? That's right: it's on my phone. So where's my phone? Um... yeah.

I knew it was too good to be true!

Luckily I had glanced at the directions to the interview just before I left home, so I remembered which floor it was on, and managed to find the place with no trouble. (Incidentally, I thought the interview went well, but it will be a couple of weeks before they decide.)

Post-interview I swung by the house to get my phone and grab some lunch. I found my phone on the couch where I had looked at the directions earlier. So I sat down on the couch....

OOPS! Mistake! Forget about eating, forget about Social Security- mysteriously, I found myself vewwy, vewwy sweepy. Actually, there's no reason why I have to go today, right? Besides, I have an audition tonight, which I'm stressing about as it is! Maybe I should just take a nap.
(cue Westminster chime, 7 dongs)

What? Seven o'clock?? Dang. Rehearsal starts, well, right now. I haven't eaten and I haven't practiced! No way I'm making it to rehearsal tonight. Obviously. I just hope the bloodsucking robots don't infiltrate in my absence.

I've heard that the way to make God laugh is to make plans. If that's true, then heaven is a comedy club tonight!

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